Hi Graeme, Thought I just send a quick email to say thank you for tutoring Elise leading into the weeks of her Chem Exam.  She was very excited to see that when she went on-line for her results this morning she had passed all her exams.  She was particularly worried about Chem - so she said to make sure I let you know and to say thank you from her.


Jo Kermeen 

uni 1st yr chem.


Just letting you know, I got a 4 in chem! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for all your help!

Katie Mirabella

IB chem


Hi graham, Alexandra got 98.25!

Alex ross

VCE Further Maths

Thanks for all your help throughout the year. I got 32 in maths which I am happy about and an enter of 78. Thanks again

Tom paul

VCE Further Maths


Hi Graham just letting you know I got a B+ B+ C+ with a studyt score of 32 and a enter score of 66.65 so I’m clearly into nursing. Thanks for all your help this year don’t think I could have got such a good result without it.

Alyce Richardson

VCE Further Maths


Thanks for your help. It made such a difference.

Michelle young 

Vce Maths Methods 3 4


Thanks so muych Graeme. And thanks for all your help throughout the year … Don’t think I would have passed maths without it!

Aleks warzel

Vce Maths Methods 3 4


Hi Graeme I passed my methods exam I got 60 % which means I am dong it next year!

Robbie Wilson

VCE Maths Methods 1 2


Hi Graeme just a short note 2 say thanks 4 helping nick o the past weeks he found it valuable n enjoyable!! Hope you have a great hol! Julie (nicks mum!)

Nick Bowe

VCE Maths Methods and physics 3 4


Hi Mr.Morgan, I'm just writing to thank you so much for all your help throughout the past year, because it has really made a difference now that I've finished IB and been accepted into the course I wanted (Arts(Global) at Monash). I got an enter of 95.5 (IB score 36) and I got a 6 in chemistry! Which I must admit I wouldn't have thought possible without your help. I can't thank you enough for helping me to get into the course that I wanted!
Thanks a lot,
Jess  IB