1.   How long are your tutoring sessions?

My tutoring sessions last for one hour. However, times can be flexible depending on the student. I can organize 45 minute classes for younger students and longer sessions if necessary for older students.

2.   How much do you charge?  

My rate for 2011 is $80 per hour, which will continue in 2012 for ongoing students.

Students commencing in Term 1 2012 will be $90 per hour for the entire year.

Students commencing in Term 2 2012 will be $100 per hour for the rest of the year.

3.   Are there any upfront fees or lock in periods?

I have no registration, booking fees or lock in contract periods. For my cancellation policy, please see the section "fees and availability" in this website.

4.   How do I pay the fees?

Fees are paid either in cash or by cheque. They can be paid at the start of each class or upfront per fortnight, term or semester.

5.   Are you happy to tutor two different subjects back to back?

Yes, I have many students who like to study two subjects in a row.

6.   Where is your tutoring based?

I work from my home office in the Bayside suburb of Brighton, please see the “Contact me” section on my website for exact directions.

7.   Do you come to our home or do we need to come to you?  

It is preferable if the student comes to my house as I have all the necessary resources at hand. Parents are welcome to sit in the waiting room with a favorite book and a cup of tea.

8. What times are you available?

I am available all year-round, 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions. Exact times and ongoing spots need to be negotiated with each individual student. I can be flexible - please see the fees and availability section in this website.

       9. Will you help me obtain a good score?

I work closely with each student to help them achieve their personal best result and create a positive environment. Building confidence and skills of each individual student is vital to enable them to achieve better results. However, a student needs to dedicate time to study and have the motivation to succeed. For ongoing students, we will work together towards a goal plan and study schedule for the upcoming term/semester.

10. What can I expect from your tutorials

      *An initial practice quiz to establish the student's ability.

       For regular students on a term/semester basis:

       *A goal discussion and plan
       *A timeline for the term/semester ahead
       *A study plan
       *Emails regarding any specific concerns a student or parent is having
       *Emails reporting significant progress

*A report of student progress to parents/students on a term or semester basis.

           11. Why should I get a tutor when I already attend school?

Many students achieve higher results through the help of one-on-one tutoring. Some classroom teachers may focus on the pupils who already know the answers to questions, leaving other students behind. There can also be insufficient time to discuss questions and detailed concepts in a classroom environment. I take the time to discuss questions and difficult concepts that a student may be struggling with, enhancing confidence, skills and fostering self belief. I work alongside the school or tertiary curriculum, ensuring my tutorials are practical, beneficial and ultimately, with sufficient input from the student they will achieve higher grades. With permission of the student and parent I can be in email contact with the classroom teacher, to ensure consolidation of the relevant topics and concepts.

12. Are you a registered teacher and have you undergone a Police Check?

Yes, I have full Victorian Institute of Teaching registration (number 139862), with a satisfactory criminal record check (NCHRC). This document can be viewed under the attachments in the "About me" section of this website.

13. What qualifications do you have?

Melbourne University

Bachelor of Agricultural Science (graduated 1968)

Psychology I (single subject 1969)

Diploma of Education (1971)

Master of Education (1991) 

         Massey University
         Certificate of Second Language Teaching (English) (1995)

         Holmesglen and RMIT TAFE
         Advanced Certificate of Applied Language (Japanese) (1996)