About me

I am a current VCE and IB Maths and Chemistry teacher and home tutor with 40 years of experience. I have been Head of Upper School and member college executive at St Leonard's College, Brighton, for over ten years where I ensured the smooth running of a senior secondary school of 500 students and 100 staff.

As a subject teacher, I have had great success in teaching the local VCE courses and the international IB courses in Chemistry, Science, Mathematics and ESL.

I am focused on developing the self confidence of students through helping them understand academic content. My aim is to help every student achieve their personal best and build confidence in their maths and science abilities. Engaging parents is my priority, so they can see their child's potential for success - to move towards goals together.

Why what I do is different:
- My insight into the potential of the individual student
- My ability to build on capabilities and develop a student's self confidence

What I offer:
- Tutorials in my home office located in the bayside suburb of Brighton
- One hour tutorials
- An initial practice quiz to establish the student's ability
For regular students on a term/semester basis:
-A goal discussion
- A timeline for the term/semester ahead
- A study plan
- Emails regarding any specific concerns a student or parent is having
- Emails reporting significant progress
- A report of student progress emailed to parents/students on a term or semester basis.

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30 Sept 2011, 22:23
Lucy Rechnitzer,
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